Murang’a South KNUT representative John Njata urge members to re-ignite their zeal for solidarity

John Njata, KUNT representative Murang'a South. Im

Kenya National Union of Teachers Murang’a South representative John Njata has called on teachers to come back to the union and re-ignite their zeal for solidarity.

Speaking on Saturday at Murang’a Sports Club Murang’a County, Mr. Njata said that the government and Teachers Service Commission (TSC), is working hard to see the union split so that they can mistreat teachers, but KNT will not allow it.

“Do not allow TSC to kill KNUT and fall in their trap as prey. Look at how they are doing regional transfers,” said Mr. Njata.

Referring to a story published by the Standard on March 17, Njata warned teachers of the plan by TSC to blame them over Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) failure.

“Our national secretary Mr. Wilson Sossion warned us about CBC, but some of us were swayed away by threats fro TSC. Look at this now (Showing the newspaper to teachers) they are now putting a blame on teachers,” he said.

He added, “I one time differed with Mr. Sossion, but later came to learn that he was speaking the truth about CBC. Let us come together and revive Sossion call on CBC.”

Mr. Njata said that the employer was trying to use divide and rule metric to split the union, putting all blames on Mr. Sossion as a scapegoat.

“TSC is acting like the government, which does not want opposition. They want to make sure that the union is dead… we need our solidarity back,” said the representative.

He also called upon teachers to rally behind the union leaders, so as to help them deal with the employer, adding that the union is working on the 2020/2021 CBA, with an aim to see the employer guarantees progression of the teaching profession and teachers improvement at work.

He called on teachers who wish to vie for the union positions to urge others to return to the union, “so that we can renew our energy, come back as union members and stand as one.”

Njata was speaking during an Annual General Meeting for a teachers Savings and Credit Cooperative Society.

Another KNUT official present in the event was Mr. John Kananu, National Chair NEC, and Murang’a North representative.

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