When your boss humiliates you in front of your colleagues: what to do

As long as you have a boss, there is a probability that you might be humiliated in front of your colleagues. Depending on the reason for the confrontation, the humiliation could be mild or a huge embarrassment. Some managers do not have people skills, so they do not know how to handle various employee issues such as correcting someone or asking them to do better.

Therefore, what should you do when your boss humiliates you before your fellow workmates?

Do not take things too personally

Humiliation is humiliation whether big or small. The bottom line is you will feel terrible after the experience. No one wants to be embarrassed in front of everyone. One helpful thing to do is not to take the experience too personal. It might not be easy but it is doable. Do not be too hard on yourself. Your workday has go on and you have to be productive. Try to calm down. Get to the bathroom, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are bigger than what you just experienced.

Stay focused no matter what

The other pointer that can help you get through the day is to stay focused. When you feel that other employees are gossiping about you, brush it off, go to your desk and get some work one. Gossip can destroy you. When you pay too much attention to the negative things people are saying about you, the frustration will build up down and your day will be ruined. Save yourself the trouble and stay focused on your job however difficult it might be.

Understand the personality of your boss

We all have varying characters all because of our personalities. There are people who enjoy humiliating or confronting others without caring whether other people are around or listening to the conversation. A professional manager corrects employees in private but applauds them before everyone for work well done.

When you come across a boss who shouts or humiliates staff members in front of everyone, he or she intends to instill fear at the workplace. He or she wants employees to work and be productive out of fear. Once you understand that your boss has such a personality, try your best not to make a mistake or annoy him or her. Avoid any situations that could cause you humiliation.

Get another job

It is one thing to be embarrassed once but when the humiliation becomes frequent, working becomes stressful. It would be a good idea to look for another job. Working in a workplace for hours with a boss that does not respect employees is frustrating. If you can get another job, you had better get of that place. You deserve better. Just because someone is a boss does not mean he or she should be a master of humiliation.

You need a job to earn a living and take care of your family if you have one. However, we all encounter different kinds of bosses and some of them do not know any people skills. Publicly humiliating an employee at the workplace is not right. If you have tried everything to ensure your boss does not embarrass you every other time, you might need another job for a change.

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