Basketball star Kyrie Irvin to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery, rules Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irvin. Image|Courtesy

NBA side Brooklyn Nets on Thursday ruled that star Kyrie Irving will undergo season-ending arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder.

ESPN news report that Nets General Manager Sean Marks said the decision was made after Irving had visited with a specialist in the past few days.

"He's obviously upset about this, and we are here to support him, support the process moving forward with him and the rehabilitation," Marks said.

Marks added, "He saw specialists including our people at [New York's Hospital for Special Surgery] and it has been a group consensus that at this point in time, and this juncture, this is the best course of action."

The General Manager also said that this decision was reached at, having put Irvin’s long term health as the club’s number one priority.

"I think we look at our players' long-term health as the No. 1 priority. Kyrie has been adamant like the rest of us that he would take one cortisone shot and see how it goes,” Marks said.

He added that his health for the next years should be guaranteed for his benefits and the club’s.

"We are looking at the big picture here. We are not looking at the next 2-3 months. We are looking at the next 2-3 years," the manager added.

Irving joined the Nets as a free agent last summer, playing in just 20 games in his first season in Brooklyn.

He missed 26 games over the span of nearly two months with a right shoulder impingement, before eventually returning in mid-January following a cortisone shot.


Source: ESPN

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