Tanasha,Diamond release new song: several things celebrities need to understand

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinumz
Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinumz

Tanasha and Diamond have released a new song by the name Gere that depicts their love for each other. in a few hours, the song has almost half a million views on YouTube.

Ever since Tanasha and Diamond became a couple, the Kenyan beauty has undergone a lot. From the very beginning of their relationship, netizens warned her about Diamond’s love for multiple women. Diamond’s ex-lover Zari Hassan once warned Tanasha telling her she cannot change his behaviour.

At one time, Tanasha confessed that at the beginning of her relationship with Diamond, she underwent a lot of stress due to criticism and Diamond’s publicity.

That is not all. Bloggers have always looked for loopholes in her relationship trying to predict a breakup. The latest scenario is when Diamond and Mbosso failed to attend Tanasha’s EP launch in Kenya citing a family emergency.

Bloggers and social media users were all over the place predicting a breakup and posting many sensational comments.

However, Diamond and Tanasha have responded to the rumors and speculations with a hit song.

Things celebrities need to understand

When someone is popular or famous, he or she become a source of news. Every little thing a celebrity does is under scrutiny. In an era where bloggers are taking over the journalism industry without understanding the laws and ethics of the career, they are intruding into people’s privacy in every way to amass followers, comments, and post likes.

In as much as celebrities blame bloggers for publishing information about them, including their private life matters, they are also responsible for the attention they are getting. When you publish your personal life issues on social media and you are a celebrity, what do you expect? Celebrities often make their personal life become news.

For example, recently, K24 News Anchor Betty Kyallo posted on Facebook about her house help stealing from her despite earning an Ksh 18,000 monthly salary. Of course, people reacted to the post and it became a popular story with several angles.

Celebrities need to understand that whatever they post on social media becomes public information really fast. As they enjoy the popularity that comes with millions of followers, they should understand the consequences of them being famous. Everything about them easily becomes news whether they like it or not.

A few weeks ago Akothee threatened bloggers regarding posting information and photos about her. She said soon she would copyright her content, and if someone wanted to publish them, they need permission or else part with a cheque. What she might already know is that whatever she posts attracts a lot of attention in form of her followers, and she has no control over the conversation and the direction it takes, or how people manipulate her photos.

Nevertheless, some bloggers are unprofessional beings. They do not care how what they publish affects others, as long as they get likes and more followers.

Celebrities should understand that they are public figures. If they share juicy news about their lives, it will end up in blogs some of which are written by people who do not know the rules of journalism, or they know them but choose to ignore. That is the world we live in today, where people can say anything online and most of the time get away with it. The easiest way for celebrities to avoid public scrutiny is to avoid posting their personal issues on social media.

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