Tottenham injury scare: Jose Mourinho says situation at back room isn’t worse

Jose Mourinho. Image|Courtesy

Tottenham Hotspurs are now running into the second injury scare, but manager Jose Mourinho is adamant that the club is ok.

The Portuguese gave an unusual analogy during an interview with BBC Sports, concerning Son Heung-min's arm injury.

The manager said despite Son staying out this season, the club's injury situation "couldn't be worse".

Son injury adds up to England striker Harry Kane’s, which involved his hamstring being torn at Southampton in January.

The 27-year-old South Korean is set to undergo surgery this week after fracturing his arm during Sunday's 3-2 win at Aston Villa.

"I'm not going to count on him again this season," said Mourinho after Son injury.

The Manager added, "If he plays two or three games then it's because he [Tottenham's press officer] is very optimistic, and I hope he is right. But, in my mind, I'm not thinking about that.

"We are going to miss him. The club wrote a nice statement. If I was the one to write the statement, I would write different."

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