Justin Bieber, Asher Monroe 'melody' war cleared by Laxcity music

Justin Bieber. Image|Courtesy

Melody war that had ensued between Justin Bieber and Asher Monroe has been turned off by producer Laxcity music.

The pop star was accused of the melody from the Indie artist song "Synergy", in his just released 2019 hit "Running Over".

However, the melody turned out to be no-ones, but a royalty-free free sample by the producer Laxcity music.

The melody, according to Verge news, can be purchased from online sounds Marketplace (Splice.com), which offers makers royalty-free samples to use in their songs with facing any copyright issues.

Indie musician Asher Monroe. Image|Courtesy

Laxcity music also confirms that the sample has been used by many artists, including Korean hip-hop artist YUMDDA, in his song "flight".

The producer cleared the whole debacle on twitter (@laxcitymusic), with a video that showed tge MIDI and plugins he used to make the Sample.

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