I intend to keep the ball rolling, says Legendary Brazil forward Pele

Brazilian Legendary forward Pele. Image|Courtesy

Brazilian legend Pele has dismissed the fact that his physical conditions are wanting, saying that his anticipations to football are still vivid

According to BBC Sports, Pele’s son Edinho had earlier claimed that the former forward wa reluctant to leave the house over health issues, but Pele now says it is "normal for people of my age".

The three-time World Cup winner, 79, has been using crutches to walk because of his hip problems.

"I am good. I continue to accept my physical limitations in the best way possible but I intend to keep the ball rolling."

Pele scored a world record 1,281 goals in 1,363 appearances during his 21-year career, which includes 77 goals in 91 appearances for Brazil.

Pele. Image|AFP

In 2015, Pele underwent a prostate surgery, after which he was taken to hospital with a urinary infection in 2019.

BBC report that Pele is cooperating with a British director, making a documentary about his footballing life.

"I am not avoiding fulfilling the commitments in my always busy schedule," he said in a statement.

Pele added that it is confidence and determination that keeps him going.

"I have good days and bad days. That is normal for people of my age. I am not afraid, I am determined, confident in what I do."


Source: BBC Sports

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