Kenya dam collapse: Solai dam develops fault lines as court acquit suspects of manslaughter charges

Solai dam fault lines

Solai dam has started developing fault lines, draining the man made dam and destroying houses.

In May 2018 the dam burst its banks after heavy rain killing dozens, destroying homes and property as investigation report showed the dam was constructed by unqualified staff and that it had breached environmental laws.

On Monday 3rd Naivasha Chief Magistrate Kennedy Bilali set suspects in the Solai dam tragedy free citing ‘little progress’ with the case. He accused the prosecutors of failing to attend court sessions, urging the Director of Public Prosecution to appeal the ruling.

Those charged included the dam owner and other several government officials.

The new development at the dam brings a state of confusion as the victims are still waiting for possible compensation following the tragedy.

 Residents are now worried as the fault lines developing could be the first steps of a tragedy like the one witnessed 18 months ago.

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