What Kenyans said about retired President Daniel Moi’s demise

Former president Moi dies. Image|News 9 Kenya

As Kenyans continue to mourn the death Kenya’s Second President Daniel Torotich Arap Moi, the internet is buzzed with mixed reactions after his demise.

Moi died at 5.20am in the morning of Monday February 4, 2019. As condolence messages continue to pour in, the internet was filled with rest in peace messages and memories of President Moi’s regime.

Kenyans remember fondly maziwa ya nyayo, which was free milk that kids in primary school enjoyed during his error. The other thing many remember about him is the KBC news, which started with news about him.

Besides Moi was a respected leader who was referred to as Mtukufu Rais. Unlike today where comedians joke about residents and other prominent political leaders, in Moi’s regime things were different. Insulting the president was a ‘crime’.

Kenyans also remember how Mo would sack ministers whenever he wanted. When he decided you were out of is government, it was final.

The slogan harambee was a huge thing among citizens. He would go to rallies and other public forums and say harambeee! and the people would reply nyayooo.

Public holidays such as Jamhuri day were a major celebration in the country. Kenyans would flock Nyayo stadium to listen to the president speak not forgetting the choirs that praised him through songs.

However, Kenyans also remember the dark moments that marred Moi’s era. They mention assassinations and the torture that occurred in Nyayo House.

Despite that, many Kenyans applaud the fact that during his presidency, the economy was not in that bad of a shape. Yes, infrastructure was low standard but Kenyans managed to put food on their tables and the value of the Kenyan shilling had a good value.



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