Floods in Tanzania: About 4000 people displaced by floods

Floods in Tanzania. Image|Courtesy

About 4,000 people in Kilwa District, Lindi Province, Tanzania have been displaced and rendered homeless following heavy rains which resulted to floods.

According to local dailies, the number of those affected by the floods is 4,500 people, from the areas of Kilanjelanje, Nanirinji A Ruate, Njinjo, Nakiu and Nanjirinji B.

District Officer Christopher Ngubiagai said on Monday that properties and animals belonging to residents have also been swept away by the floods.

“Rescue operations are underway and a team has been sent to rescue the victims and take them to safe places or higher grounds,” said Ngubiagai.

He called upon well-wishers and non-governmental organizations to offer their support and assistance to the affected citizens.

Heavy rains hit the area since Thursday last week, resulting to floods that have displaced many families.

In 2019, the country was hit with floods affecting the livelihoods of residents, destroying houses and properties.

In October, heavy rains affected the central and northern parts of the country, causing flooding and river overflow.

The number of fatalities increased to 18 people, with 11 recorded in Morogoro Region and significant damage to houses, infrastructure and crops.

Reports show that 14 people died in Handeni district, Tanga Region.

Since mid-October, several floods have led to a total death toll of 44 people, a number of houses, roads, bridges and crop farms, also being damaged.



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