Police storm house of woman who threw traffic officer out of her car

Activist Mildred Atieno Owiso | Courtesy
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Police on Saturday morning conducted a raid on the house of a woman who threw a traffic officer out of her car for allegedly demanding a bribe.

In a video that went viral on various social media platforms, Ms. Mildred Owino is seen forcing the officer out of her car. 

The unidentified officer alleged Ms. Mildred Owiso was using her phone while driving, which is in contravention of the traffic regulations.

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Ms. Owiso says about ten police officers stormed her home on Saturday morning, throwing teargas in their attempt to 'capture' her.

In the video shared on social media platforms, Ms Owiso is heard saying '...Guys i have an invasion in my house, the police have come to arrest me,I don't know why.' As seen in the video below.

Police have said Ms. Owiso was arrested for inciting the public to violence on Friday among other cases in different police stations which they are following up.

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Nairobi regional police commander Philip Ndolo said Ms. Owiso will be arraigned on Monday, January 27.

Mildred Atieno Owiso is popularly known on social media platforms as Atty.She is the administrator of Facebook group page 'Buyer Beware'.

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