NASA set for vote hunting mission in Gussi land as presidential ballot papers jets in

Raila odinga
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The National Super Alliance (Nasa) is set for a vote hunting mission in Gussi land on Monday 31, with just a few days left for election.

The Nasa brigade will address Kisii residents at Gusii Stadium, in a move to lure voters as the election day counts down.

'Abagussii, toumerane Gusii Stadium Jumatatu 31st July. Let's engage and discuss our future as the children of Kenya. God is on our side...' read a twitter post by NASA presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga.

Presidential ballot papers

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Kisii County has been marked as a 'swing vote' zone by political analysts, giving NASA and Jubilee 50 percent voter advantage.

Meanwhile, the first batch of presidential ballot papers arrives in the country today.

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