King Kaka message to Kenyans after #Wajinganyinyi spoken ward debate

King Kaka. Image|Courtesy

Barely a week after Kenyan Hip Hop maestro Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka released #Wajinganyinyi spoken word piece, a lot has been a trending online revolving around creativity and social ill issues raised by the star.

Kaka touches many in his piece who feel that the country is being led to a wrong direction, owing to corruption cases derailing government operations.

However, to those hurt by the truth in the spoken word, insults, threats and insolent comments have been their statements since King Kaka released the piece, something that has prompted fear to the public.

Though many leaders including lawyers have offered to defend the artist in the court of law, should any one file libel case against him, the singer feels his life is in danger.

In a twit seen by News 9 Kenya on King Kaka twitter account on Monday, the singer calls upon Kenyans to pray for him.

"Please pray for The King."

Owing to the fact that topical issues highlighted in the piece touches senior government offices and official, one could be certain of the consequences that may befall him.

Kaka is not the first individual to have highlighted government ills and complain of insecurity and life threats.

Also on the complaint list today (Monday) is Machakos County Governor Alfred Mutua.


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