Russia Olympics ban: President Vladimir Putin says Wada decision is politically instigated

President Vladimir Putin. Image|AP

Russia President Vladimir Putin has come out to defend Russia Anti-Doping Agency saying that the decision to have the country banned from Olympics by the World Anti-Doping Agency is politically instigated.

According to Reuters President Putin said Russia will analyze Wada’s decision which ‘is smacked of politics and was not in the interest of sport’.

“I think one has every right to say that these decisions are not based carefully on international sports but on interests that have nothing in common with sports and international Olympics movement,” said President Putin.

The agency banned Russia National Olympics team from participating in world major events for four seasons, but excluding clean athletes who can participate without the country’s flag.

WADA's Executive Committee voted in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Monday and concluded that officials in a Moscow anti-doping laboratory had tampered with data.

The tampering included planting fake evidence and deleting files linked to positive doping tests that could have helped identify drug cheats.

The committee also found that system messages were fabricated in an effort to hamper the work of WADA investigators.

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