The Boss Lady is back: Akothee explains why she collapsed at Luo Festival

Akothee. Image|Courtesy

Celebrated Kenyan musician Akothee, alias The Boss Lady, has opened up for her fans on social media, clearing doubts on what led her to faint during a Kisumu Luo Festival show last week.

The musician gives details on how she experiencing persistent headaches, which prompted doctor’s advice to undergo an MRI to get to the root cause.

Through picture display, the Akothee Safaris founder shows how she struggled to get out of bed and a walk around her garden, harvesting cassava and gets back to her house.

Here is what she wrote accompanying the pictures;

“You do know I can’t stay in bed, I took a walk to the farm, to ignore the headache, shit this head is bursting, doctor recommends I do an MRI, nini imeingia kwa kichwa.”

Singer Akothee struggle to fight her illness. Photo|Courtesy

“Msinitukane pris, hata mimi nimeboeka, I miss you too despite my condition, I am not seeking for sympathy, I just want us to carry on with our daily lives here on shoshomidia, hiyo bed rest ignore, you know you are my friends ,sasa huku nyumbani nitasumbua nani? Went to collect Brayo And Kevo,”

Akothee told off evil plans to destroy her life, warning satan to be afraid of her.

“Satan listen, I can feel your pressure from far away, you are afraid of me but just know that even Musa Juma died knowing I am his number 1 fan, following him from Mombasa to Kisumu empty stomach with just one soda, from 7.00 PM to 7.00 am, waiting for matatu even after clubs are closed and I never embarrassed myself on stage with rubbish fatigue and fainting. This time, I just allowed you do your shakara, nkt!”

“You should have come in 2007 when I was the most hungry frustrated b****, listen, I know you, worry not, this are early signs of menopause, you will not win, trust me, don’t bring for me diseases of the rich eg fatigue. Satan jajuogni (Satan you witch), I should bed rest as if I am a friend of sleep! Even sleeping alone is a punishment, saitan be iwinja (Satan did you hear me?)”.


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