Akothee collapse –does this mark her end in music industry

Singer Akothee. Image|Courtesy

Reports of celebrated singer Akothee failing entertain her audience on stage have been rife with the recent incident recorded in this year’s Luo Festival in Kisumu.

During the show which was held on Saturday, Akothee is said to have collapsed in the middle of the performance, leaving everyone baffled, including her dance crew.

Sources close to the outspoken musician have revealed that she was just fatigued, a reason that led to her collapse on stage.

However, this is not the first time the mother of five is going through such ordeals.

About a week ago, Akothee was admitted at a hospital in Karen and through her Instagram page she assured her fans she was in a stable state.

“This life, you can only occupy one bed at a time, bloggers don’t scare my family and fans, I am not dead! My system just shut down, I will be back,”

In 2018 the singer cancelled her performances at One Africa Music Festival in New York, in circumstances explained by her manager as “energy burning out”.

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