Wafula Chebukati issue directive on relay of presidential results

Wafula chebukati
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The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission chair Wafula Chebukati, on Wednesday, issued a directive on how the presidential results from the polling centres will be relayed at the national tallying centre.

This follows the court decision that required the presidential results released at the constituency level be the final results.

Chebukati, in accordance to the court rule, said the commission obeys the court order but upholds to the fact that the national tallying centre will be used to verify the results and announce the winner.

“The role of the national tallying centre is to verify that the winning candidate in presidential elections has obtained 50 per cent plus one votes and that the candidate has obtained at least 25 per cent of the votes in at least 24 counties,” said Mr Chebukati.

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He added that a guideline set by the commission will help to relay the results to the national centre as follows...

Polling Station

When all the results have been tallied and announced at the polling station, the presiding officer, in the presence of party agents, will:

• Type into the KIEMS tablets the results as captured in F34A.

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• Scan F34A using KIEMS tablet.

• Confirm that the typed results and the results on the scanned form are accurate.

• Electronically transmit the results to the constituency tallying centre and the national tallying centre.

Form 34A shall be made available on an online portal.

Constituency Tallying Centre

Here, the returning officer will:

• Receives scanned Form 34A.

• Collates results from Form 34A and prepares Form 34B.

• Announces results of the presidential election in that constituency.

• Scans F34B and sends it to the National Tallying Centre.

The Returning Officer shall also receive physical copies of Form 34As from polling station and together with Form 34B deliver the same to the national tallying centre for archiving.

National Tallying Centre

The commission has set up the Bomas of Kenya as the National Tallying Centre.

In accordance with the decision of the Court of Appeal, at the following processes shall be undertaken:

• The scanned Form 34Bs from the constituency returning officers shall be received by two designated officers.

• Form 34B shall be authenticated by two designated officers. The authenticating officers in the presence of chief agents for the candidates authenticates the origin of the form.

• The authenticating officers serialises the received form and hands over the same to Collation Team. There shall be 6 collation teams to serve the 47 counties.

• Collation Team generates relevant sections of F34C and hands the same to the Validation Team.

• The Validation Team verifies that the 34C is complete and accurate in as far as the collation of the results from the 290 constituencies is concerned.

• The Validation Team hands over to the Commission Form F34C that the Chairman of the Commission uses to declare the final results of presidential elections.

Mr Chebukati added that the declaration of the presidential results shall be based on the verification that the constitutional threshold has been obtained by the winning candidate.

He also said that that the media will be provided with a link to the polling station, for the purpose of making the results public.

“The commission also resolved to avail a dedicated link to the media for purposes of relaying the results as received from the polling stations across the country,” he said.

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