I won’t pay my Kshs.800,000 HELB loan, declares MP Babu Owino

Babu Owino, MP Embakasi East constituency. Image|Courtsey

A day after reports went viral that the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) will be publishing name of loan defaulters since 1975, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has dared the board that he will not pay his loan worth Ksh.800000.

In a phone call to Milele FM morning show by Alex and Jalas, the embattled MP said Kenyan students have a right like other state officers, to be trained and given jobs.

“Just like police officers are trained, then employed by the government, so should Kenyan students… students play a major role in our economy by providing professional services such as nursing, teaching and many more,” Mr. Owino said.

The MP said he offer no one apologies over his remarks since he is expressing “my democratic rights through politics.”

He said that the government promised free primary and secondary education and university should be free, adding that Kshs 40,000 is not sufficient for a normal university student.

 “We are not in politics to fight with one another, but to express our feelings democratically. Just as the government provide for free primary and secondary education, University education should also b free,” added the MP.

The legislator, in another interview on KTN, said that he cannot use his salary to pay HELB, since it goes to needy students in Embakasi East constituency.

"My salary is used to pay school fees for my constituents. I do not receive any money as I have a contract with the needy people in my constituency," Owino said.

HELB gave an ultimatum of 30 day notice for loan defaulters since 1975, saying thos who will not have complied will be published in the list of shame.

“Please take note that names and photos of loan beneficiaries who have defaulted repayment of the loans from 1975 will be published in the leading newspapers after expiry of 30 days from the date of this notice,” read the notice in part.

The board said that, more than 80, 000 Kenyans have failed to remit a total of a Sh50 billion loan.

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