Nakuru residents call for immediate action to tame human wildlife conflicts-KWS

The call comes after several case have continued

People living in Elementaita national park in Nakuru County are asking Kenya Wild life service (KWS) to take immediate action to reduce rampant cases of human wildlife conflict that has become a daily rhyme in the area.

The call comes after several case have continued to be reported with the most recent recorded when a hyena molded George Njeru, Monday morning after he left home for work.

According to his wife Beth Wambui, the father of four had left the house at 5:30 am to go and release his colleague (a watchman) after night duties at Ndibai secondary school, only to hear I hear a person screaming in the neighbouring village.

Joel Kabaiku is the first eyewitness, “I found the hyena on top of Njeru, having dropped him from his bicycle. I had to use my panga and spear to scare the lion and that is how he kind of got rescued. We are asking KWS to come up with mechanisms to tame these many conflicts. This is not the first one.” 

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