Why stay single, then set life goals?

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I know many will not agree with me, but staying single for a while before setting life goals, then relationship is worth paying. Many young people rush into relationships that ends up sadly, filled with hatred and blames.

But how do we avoid this? Research has proved ten possible reasons/advantages singles enjoy. These includes;

1 You can truly learn to love yourself and your independence.

Being single gives you the courage and maintains your self esteem. You do not want to worry about what your partner will say.

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2 “Single Ladies” becomes way more meaningful.

A lady who is single is not complicated in her life. She choose to do things the way she wants.

3 You have plenty of time to reflect on life and get real philosophical.

4 You experience love in a whole new, and unexpected way. Mostly with pizza.

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5 Say goodbye to ever feeling like you have to shave or wax to please anyone but YOURSELF.

6 You realize being a “cat lady” kind of sounds great, because cats are great and maybe you’ll get one because YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

7 Self-love is a real thing and honestly it’s more reliable and fulfilling than a lot of romantic relationships.

8 Drinking straight out of the bottle is totally OK because it’s not like you’re sharing.

9 Alone time doesn’t have to be lonely. It’s actually the best.

10 The only person you have to spoil is yourself.

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